What Fills My Head

Enchanting Podcasts: Or, How I Motivate Myself To Walk Schroeder In The Rain 

I used to judge people who wore earbuds while walking their dogs. However, now that I've found some awesome podcasts that I actively want to listen to, I get why people do it. Not listening to anything can mean that I spend too much time in my own head, which isn't always good, or that I start talking to Schroeder in "Schroed voice," which can make for some embarrassing moments when other humans materialize.

So, here are some of my favorite podcasts, both new and old: 

Being Boss with Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon 

These are two creative lady entrepreneurs who talk all about their work and give great advice while being hilarious and authentic. I don't have a favorite episode; they're all SO good. I even listen to the ones about issues that are not at all related to me (like motherhood) because they are just so empowering. Emily does not mince words! Kathleen is so endearing. They make anything feel possible. 


Dear Sugar with Cheryl Strayed & Steve Almond 

These two dish out life advice relating to love, identity, etc. They receive and read letters from listeners who ask deep questions and then give thoughtful responses. I always feel like I'm listening in on someone else's therapy session--for free! 


Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields  

I've only listened to one and a half episodes so far, but the gist is that Fields interviews fascinating people, people who have endured huge trials or happened upon fascinating discoveries, and asks them hard questions. The podcasts are long enough to delve into tough issues. It's like Fresh Air, but for those interested in psychology and health. 


Starr Struck Radio with Mary Catherine & Ben 

What a funny couple! They talk about all sorts of things, but my favorite episodes so far have been about morning routines and motivation. I tried the whole morning routine thing and see its value, but I still cannot force myself out of bed. You can read more about that experiment here. And as for motivation, well, they made me realize a lot of mine is negative. Eeks!