My Reading List 

Cognitive Psychology

Carr, Nicholas -- The Shallows

Kahneman, Daniel -- Thinking, Fast and Slow

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

How To Create A Mind

Louder Than Words

Writing & Literacy

Dehane, Stanislas -- Reading in the Brain 

Elbow, Peter -- Writing with Power

Elbow, Peter -- Vernacular Eloquence 

Gottschall, Jonathan -- The Storytelling Animal

Pennebaker, James -- The Secret Life of Pronouns: What our Words Say about Us

Pinker, Steven -- The Language Instinct

Pinker, Steven -- Words and Rules

Tufte, Virginia -- Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style 

Wolf, Maryanne -- Proust and the Squid

Writing: A Mosaic of New Perspectives

The Psychology of Reading

Cognitive Processes in Writing

Writing-Based Teaching

Language in Early Childhood 

Suskind, Dana -- Thirty Million Words

The Anthropology of Learning in Childhood 

Affect & Emotion Regulation 

The Emotional Brain

Doherty, Martin J. -- Theory of Mind

Teaching & Pedagogy 

Carey, Benedict -- How We Learn

Green, Elizabeth -- Building a Better Teacher